What if I had been born in Latvia where would I be living today? Answering this question is like going into a tunnel and not knowing where you will come out.


So where was I born?

I, Anita Apinis-Herman was born in Stanmore in Sydney, Australia and at the age of 6 moved to Revesby in the western suburbs, where my family lived for about 30 years, a place of my childhood memories. Weaving was a major activity for my mother, while in Revesby. The sunny bright front bedroom was the home of my mother's two large floor looms and where many of her fabrics were created in the 1960's, 70's and 80's.

Many of her weavings and her weaving loom can be seen in the Immigration Museum(see link below) in Melbourne. I was very happy when the Museum asked me to become involved with the display as it offered me a grand place to show the loom. My mother's other loom is still with me at my home in Melbourne and I still weave on it. I will always treasure what my mother has passed down and her lovely works are an inspiration to both myself and my daughter Kaija.

If anyone is interested in my mother's work or my work please email me on: abstractbus@bigpond.com

The Immigration Museum website and in particular my mother's story called "Hear Her Voice" can be found at:




Picture of Anna's weaving loom at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne.

Below we see Anita Apinis-Herman demonstrating weaving for a special event at the Museum. Reproduced courtesy of Museum Victoria, 2003.

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1)Would it be in Liepaja where my mother was born and where many of her cousins and my second cousins now live?
2)Would it be in Lizums or Velena where my father grew up and where his cousins and my second cousins now live?
3)Would it be in Perle, where my father's cousins and their family had a water mill?
4)Would it be in Riga where my father went to technical school and lived while he was studying and where his cousin now lives?